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Tim Corrigan Stories

by Ellery Queen

At some time c. 1965, Manfred Lee approached Talmage Powell about putting together a series of books together. Powell agreed, and Lee explained the basic idea to him of the character who would become the subject of six books for the Popular Library. That character was Tim Corrigan, a Korean Conflict veteran who sported an eye patch as a souvenir. Now he was a Manhattan cop, a police captain to be precise, lean and mean -- dealing out justice within the confines of the law and occasionally coming across an interesting case to solve.

Powell and Lee worked together on the first two Corrigan books, in what Powell indicates was "more a collaboration than a ghosting assignment," but after Where is Bianca? and Who Spies, Who Kills? Powell's other writing assignments prevented him from continuing the character's exploits in a series. For the third Corrigan novel, Lee approached Richard Deming. Like Talmage Powell, Deming had worked on Ellery Queen novels before, and the team of Deming and Lee released four more novels featuring the rugged Captain Corrigan. The trend in titles was simple: each book's title was a question, and each question began with a different interrogative.

Where is Bianca?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1966; Popular Library 50-447
Is the lovely young heiress hiding somewhere among the shiny steel towers of Manhattan? Or is she the horribly mutilated corpse hauled up from the sewers of the city? Captain Timothy Corrigan, the cool cop with the eye-patch sets out to solve the puzzle -- and finds himself playing a fantastic game of hide-and-seek in a glittering world where everything is make-believe -- except sudden, shocking death.

Who Spies, Who Kills?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1966; Popular Library 60-2111
The horribly crushed body which crashed on the Manhattan pavement had ad least two names, several passports, and an address book full of important friends -- among them, a millionaire roué; his exotic, deadly mistress; and his coolly beautiful wife -- all of whom seemed to forget him very abruptly when he became a corpse. No one was talking, and it was up to Captain Tim Corrigan, the man with the eye-patch and the way with crime, to solve a violent puzzle of lust, greed, high espionage -- and the worst kind of murder.

Why So Dead?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1966; Popular Library 60-2122
Tim Corrigan, the eye-patched detective with the knack for murderous situations plunges into the wildest, farthest-out caper of his career. His assignment leads him to a splendid but terrified harem of veiled beauties, a millionaire sultan with a roving eye, a gang of turbaned mystery men with a lust for violence. Corrigan's job: protect a priceless ruby as red as the color of murder.

How Goes the Murder?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1967; Popular Library 60-2168
The banners waved; the crowd cheered; the reporters rushed toward the candidate as he made his way to the speaker's platform. And then a shot rang out, the candidate clutched at his chest, screamed and fell dead.
It was a pretty kettle of fish for Tim Corrigan, the crime solver with the eye-patch and the stainless steel nervous system. The suspects included the candidate's voluptuous widow, his handsome bodyguard, and a breathtaking young thing with every reason to want the candidate dead.
And pretty soon Corrigan himself was a candidate -- for murder.

Which Way to Die?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1967; Popular Library 60-2235
They are two brilliant madmen who think killing is fun. A freak of the law has set them free, and now some hidden killer, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, threatens.
Enter Tim Corrigan, assigned to protect the pair against the fatal harvest of their own violence. Very soon, Corrigan takes their place on the deadly spot.

What's in the Dark?
First (Paperback) Appearance: 1968; Popular Library 60-2269
This killer is an expert. He has climbed ten stories in the Manhattan blackout, found and dispatched his victim amidst the men and women trapped in the building.
The night drags on. Nerves wear thin and inhibitions disappear. Anyone, including a beautiful secretary with a yen for eye-patched Tim Corrigan, could be the lurking killer.
Suddenly, out of the dark, a deadly hand strikes at Corrigan....

Ellery Queen

All book liner notes are taken from paperback notes published by the Popular Library.