Ellery Queen

Short Story Compilations

Ellery Queen was not only a productive and intriguing author of novels, but also he wrote numerous short stories, which appeared in various magazines throughout the years. As I obtain information about short story appearances which predate the appearances in the collection, I will include that information.

The Adventures of Ellery Queen
First Appearance: November 1, 1934; Frederick Stokes
First Paperback Appearance: February 1, 1940; Mercury Bestseller B1
Trade Paperback: March, 1941; Pocket Books 99


That is what Ellery Queen has been called, and from tens of thousands of Queen fans, readers, and radio listeners, comes a roar of approval. Here are eleven of the slick, tricky young investigator's most amazing adventures, each one an appetizing snack for the gourmet at the table of thrills, action, deduction.


  • ...The African Traveler (original to this volume)
  • ...The Hanging Acrobat (1st app: Mystery, 5/34 as "The Girl on the Trapeze")
  • ...The One Penny Black (1st app: Great Detective Stories, 4/33)
  • ...The Bearded Lady (1st app: Mystery, 8/34 as "The Sinister Beard")
  • ...The Three Lame Men (1st app: Mystery, 4/34)
  • ...The Invisible Lover (1st app: Mystery, 9/34 as "Four Men Loved a Woman")
  • ...The Teakwood Case (1st app: Mystery, 5/33 as "The Affair of the Gallant Bachelor")
  • ..."The Two-Headed Dog" (1st app: Mystery, 6/34)
  • ...The Glass-Domed Clock (1st app: Mystery League, 10/33)
  • ...The Seven Black Cats (1st app: Mystery, 10/34 as "The Black Cats Vanished")
  • ...The Mad Tea-Party (1st app: Redbook, 10/34)

All titles begin with "The Adventure of...." Short stories originally appeared in Redbook, Mystery, Great Detective Stories, and Mystery League.

The New Adventures of Ellery Queen
First Appearance: November, 1939; Frederick Stokes
First Paperback Appearance: December, 1941; Pocket Books 134


NINE NEW Adventures of Ellery Queen! A complete novel and eight more short stories! The Lamp of God, the novel, is one of the weirdest stories about a disappearing house that can only be matched by Poe.
...A most ingenious tale about a curious treasure hunt, hidden gold, a house of horror, and murder.
Four sports mysteries featuring baseball, horse racing, pugilism and football full of the sporting world vernacular, will delight the fans.


  • The Lamp of God (1st app: Detective Story, 10/35, as "House of Haunts")
    (other app: as The Lamp of God, Dell 10c series #23, 1951)
  • ...The Treasure Hunt (1st app: Detective Story, 12/35)
  • ...The Hollow Dragon (1st app: Redbook, 12/36)
  • ...The House of Darkness (1st app: The American, 2/35)
  • ...The Bleeding Portrait (original title: "The Gramatan Mystery", then, "Beauty and the Beast")
    (1st app: American Cavalcade, 9/37)
  • Man Bites Dog (1st app: Blue Book, 6/39)
  • Long Shot (1st app: Blue Book, 9/39)
  • Mind Over Matter (1st app: Blue Book, 10/39)
  • The Trojan Horse (1st app: Blue Book, 12/39)

Titles starting with ... begin with "The Adventure of...." Short stories originally appeared in other magazines as indicated above. "The Adventure of the Treasure Hunt" was reprinted in the first issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
The ones from Blue Book were deemed to be "a sports detective series".
American Cavalcade was published by Pocket Books and only began in May, 1937.

The Case Book of Ellery Queen
First Appearance: Mercury Bestseller B59; January, 1945
  • The House of Darkness (already appeared in New Adventures of Ellery Queen)
  • The Teakwood Case (already appeared in The Adventures of Ellery Queen)
  • The Hollow Dragon (already appeared in The Adventures of Ellery Queen)
  • Long Shot (already appeared in The Adventures of Ellery Queen)
  • Mind Over Matter (already appeared in The Adventures of Ellery Queen)
  • The Double Triangle (Radio Script)
  • The Invisible Clock (Radio Script)
  • Honeymoon House (Radio Script)

The five Mercury paperback series normally contained "cut" or "abridged" versions of popular novels, including several of EQ's. It was no coincidence that the American Mercury was also the publisher of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The abridged format fit better with short story collections, however, for the stories themselves could remain intact. The Adventures of Ellery Queen (Mercury Bestseller B1) and More Adventures of Ellery Queen (Mercury Bestseller B3) were the first two collections to be published as Mercury editions, but these were eventually followed by The Case Book of Ellery Queen -- the only such collection to feature "new" material -- even if the works were "new" only in a technical sense. Five of the eight stories had appeared already as part of previously published collections, but the remaining three items were previously unpublished radio scripts (which had been used in the "Advs. of EQ" radio series, of course). Since the radio scripts were written by Dannay and Lee, this paperback collection is of interest to EQ collectors. Like all of the Mercury editions, though, it is difficult to find.

Calendar of Crime
First Appearance: January, 1952; Little, Brown & Co.
First Paperback Appearance: August, 1953; Pocket Books 960
In the merry month of May, Ellery Queen made a trek to Gettysburg to witness an annual celebration--and an annual murder. February found the ingenious Ellery locked in a furious battle of wits with a dead US President. These are but two of the 12 appointments with crime that make up Queen's baffling calendar of conundrums. Each elegant enigma ticks off all the surprise and excitement that have made Queen the dean of American detective fiction.


All of the above titles begin with "The Adventure of..." and were published first in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine before being collected into this compilation volume.

First Appearance: January, 1955; Little, Brown & Co.
First Paperback Appearance: July, 1956; Pocket Books 1118
To: The Reader
From: The Queen's Bureau of Investigation
In the closely guarded record room of the Q.B.I. is a top-secret file marked Special. This file contains the most unusual cases I have ever worked on- cases that are memorable because of an unusual clue, a unique criminal, a surprising situation or a shocking crime.
From these special cases of murder, blackmail, kidnaping and narcotics, I have chosen eighteen that posed the most mystifying problems I have ever encountered.


  • BLACKMAIL DEPT. -- Money Talks (1st app: This Week, Ap/2/50)
  • FIX DEPT. -- A Matter of Seconds (1st app: This Week, Ag/09/53)
  • IMPOSSIBLE CRIME DEPT. -- The Three Widows (1st app: This Week, Ja/29/50 as "Murder Without Clues")
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 1/52)
  • RARE BOOK DEPT. -- "My Queer Dean!" (1st app: This Week, Mr/8/53)
  • MURDER DEPT. -- Driver's Seat (1st app: This Week, Mr/25/51 as "The Mystery of the 3 Dawn Riders")
  • PARK PATROL DEPT. -- A Lump of Sugar (1st app: This Week, Jl/9/50)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 2/53)
  • OPEN FILE DEPT. -- Cold Money (1st app: This Week, Mr/30/52)
  • EMBEZZLEMENT DEPT. -- The Myna Birds (originally "The Myna Bird Mystery"; later "Cut, Cut, Cut!")
    (1st app: This Week, De/28/52)
  • SUICIDE DEPT. -- A Question of Honor (1st app: This Week, Se/13/53)
  • HOLDUP DEPT. -- The Robber of Wrightsville (1st app: Today's Family, 2/53 as "The Accused")
    (reprinted as "The Accused" in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 12/54)
  • SWINDLE DEPT. -- Double Your Money (1st app: This Week, Se/30/51 as "The Vanishing Wizard")
  • BURIED TREASURE DEPT. -- Miser's Gold (1st app: This Week, Jn/18/50 as "Love Hunts a Hidden Treasure")
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 4/54)
  • MAGIC DEPT. -- Snowball in July (1st app: This Week, Ag/31/52 as "The Phantom Train")
  • FALSE CLAIMANT DEPT. -- The Witch of Times Square (1st app: This Week, Nv/5/50)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 5/53)
  • RACKET DEPT. -- The Gamblers' Club (1st app: This Week, Ja/07/51)
  • DYING MESSAGE DEPT. -- GI Story (1st app: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 8/54)
  • NARCOTICS DEPT. -- The (Mysterious) Black Ledger (1st app: This Week, Ja/05/52)
  • KIDNAPING DEPT. -- Child Missing! (1st app: This Week, Jl/07/51 as "Kidnaped!")

All short stories are © 1949 to 1954. All are copyright to the United Newspaper Magazine Corporation, but "GI Story" is from EQMM.

The Woman in the Case
First Paperback Appearance: April, 1966; Bantam F-3160
  • Trail of the Lonesome Hearts (1st app: Mr/23/58 as "The Trail of Lonely Hearts")
  • Witness for the Prosecution (1st app: Mr/30/58 as "Mother Against Son") -- with three new paragraphs
  • Detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure (1st app: Mr/09/58 as "Death Keeps a Diary")
  • The Secret of Irene Schroeder (1st app: Mr/16/58 as "The Secret of Iron Irene")
  • The Beautiful Latvian (originally My/18/58 "The Forgetful Blonde")
  • The Mystery of the Yellow Thread (1st app: Mr/01/59 as "A Killer Who Was Caught by a Thread")
  • The Strange Case of Elaine Soule (1st app: Ap/13/58 as "The Killer Who Wanted to be Caught")
  • The Dream Detective (1st app: Ap/20/58 as "She Dreamt of Murder")
  • Death in the Tea Leaves (1st app: Mr/02/58)
  • The Man With the Jug Ears (originally "Album of Death")
  • The Girl in the Snow Bank (1st app: Fe/23/58 as "The Boomerang Murder")
  • The Poison Whiskey Case (1st app: Fe/15/59 as "A Tiny Bottle Full of Death")
  • The Amazing Mrs. Patterson (1st app: Fe/16/58 as "Mrs. Patterson's Past")
  • The Silk Stocking Girl (1st app as "Death in Silk Stockings")
  • The Hanging Woman (1st app: My/11/58)
  • The Murder Without a Body (1st app: Fe/22/59 as "The Case of the Experimental Corpse")
  • The Beautiful Killer of Hampstead (1st app: Jn/01/58 as "Death of a Part-Time Lover")
  • The Temple of Love (1st app: My/25/58 as "Death in the Temple of Love")
  • The Mystery of Rhonda Bell Martin (1st app: Ap/27/58 as "Mrs. Martin's Murder Spree")

Here is a hair-raising collection of stories about women who killed...who killed for money...who killed out of jealousy...who killed for the sheer love of killing. Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Girl friends. Schoolgirls. Hardened gun molls. MURDERERS ALL!
Read about: The mother who murdered her son's wife. The beautiful pistol-packing hillbilly who made Dillinger look like Casper Milquetoast. The schoolgirl killers who even went Leopold and Loeb one better. And dozens of other horrifying tales.
These stories were all published originally in The American Weekly during 1958 and 1959. The first installment appeared in the February 16, 1958, issue.

Ellery Queen's International Case Book
First Appearance: 1964?;
First Paperback Appearance: March, 1964; Dell 2260

BUENOS AIRES: A dismembered body with no identification.
JAPAN: The most astounding bank robbery in the history of crime.
INDIA: Murder by curse.
RUMANIA: The beautiful woman who swindled a whole town...
And 16 more tales of mystery and detection, each of them unique and challenging to the daring imagination.


  • SOUTHERN SPAIN: The Beautiful Lady of El Puerto (1st app: My/30/54 as "The Fatal Tattoo")
  • JAPAN: Tokyo's Greatest Bank Robbery (1st app: Jn/27/54 as "Mad Murderer of Tokyo")
  • NORMANDY: Inspector Fosse's Last Case (1st app: Ag/08/54 as "The Gravedigger's Secret")
  • ARGENTINA: The Butcher of Buenos Aires (1st app: Nv/28/54 as "The Clue of the Missing Hands")
  • RUMANIA: The Swindler of Adamolis (1st app: Jn/13/54 as "The Adamolis Swindle")
  • ALGERIA: The Strangled Bride of Oran (1st app: Jn/06/54 as "The Strangled Bride")
  • MEXICO: The Jaws of Death (1st app: De/12/54 as "The Claws of the Hawk")
  • INDIA: The Curse of Kali (1st app: Jl/18/54)
  • YUGOSLAVIA: Crime Wave, Balkan Style (1st app: Jl/04/54 as "No Name on the Search Warrant")
  • ECUADOR: The Mysterious Shooting at the Nacional (1st app: Oc/10/54 as "Masquerade for Murder")
  • PARIS: The Young Man Who Lost His Eyes (1st app: Jn/20/54 as "The Acid Test")
  • THE PHILIPPINES: Death in Manila (1st app: My/23/54 as "The Clue of the White Glove")
  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Death Among the Aborigines (1st app: Jl/11/54 as "Murder Down Under")
  • CZECHOSLOVAKIA: The Curious Case of the Flirt (1st app: Ag/01/54 as "The Girl Who Flirted With Death")
  • MONTE CARLO: The Crime of the Croupier (1st app: Oc/17/54)
  • MOROCCO: African Love Story (1st app: Se/26/54 as "Murder at the Wedding")
  • TURKEY: Secrets of the Harem (1st app: Nv/21/54 as "Death in the Harem")
  • CHINA: The Shanghai Shootings (1st app: Ja/02/55 as "The Clue of the Passionate Poem")
  • MADRID: The Red Virgin (1st app: De/05/54 as "The Red Maiden of Madrid")
  • JERUSALEM: Passion in the Holy Land (1st app: Ag/15/54 as "Death in the Garden")

All short stories were originally published in The American Weekly during 1954 and 1955, beginning with the May 23, 1954, issue. The stories are framed so that Ellery appears to be asking others about "true" situations in their countries as he travels around.

Queen's Full
First Appearance: 1965; Random House
First Paperback Appearance: April, 1966; Signet D 2894
Foster Benedict, aging matinee idol, didn't like playing the sticks. He was sabotaging the Wrightsville production of The Death of Don Juan, turning it into a farce. When the curtain rose on the second act, Benedict was dead. There were plenty of suspects--it seemed Foster Benedict had upstaged everyone in town. Ellery Queen's job was a little like a casting director's--there was plenty of talent, but no one was right for the part of killer!


  • The Death of Don Juan (1st app: Argosy, 5/62)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 8/64)
  • E = Murder (1st app: This Week, 8/14/60)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 5/61)
  • The Wrightsville Heirs (1st app: Better Living, 1-2/56)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 11/57)
  • Diamonds in Paradise (1st app: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 9/54)
  • The Case Against Carroll (1st app: Argosy, 8/58)
    (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 9/60)

Q.E.D. (Queen's Experiments in Detection)
First Appearance: 1968; New American Library
First Paperback Appearance: January, 1970; Signet T4120


For something light and piquant, we recommend No Parking, with its bewitching heroine and her three desperate suitors.
For a mouth-watering quick snack, you can try Half a Clue, in which Ellery nabs the murderer almost before the victim has stopped breathing.
For a main course you can really sink your teeth into, there's Mum Is the Word, in which the "dying message" offers the ultimate in hidden clues.
And for an unforgettable pièce de résistance, we have Abraham Lincoln's Clue, a classic that Anthony Boucher called "perhaps the greatest of all Queen mysteries."
These are but four of sixteen great tales designed to please the most sophisticated palate -- all prepared and elegantly served by the master chef of mystery, the one and only Ellery Queen.


    • Object Lesson (1st app: This Week, Se/10/55, as "The Blackboard Gangsters")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 4/58)
    • No Parking (1st app: This Week, 3/18/56, as "Terror in a Penthouse")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 2/58)
    • No Place to Live (1st app: This Week, 6/10/56, as "The Man They All Hated")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 3/58)
    • Miracles Do Happen (1st app: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 7/57)
    • GAMBLING DEPT. -- The Lonely Bride (1st app: This Week, 12/04/49, as "The Lady Couldn't Explain")
    • SPY DEPT. -- Mystery at the Library of Congress (1st app: Argosy, 6/60 as "Enter Ellery Queen")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 2/63)
    • SPY DEPT. -- Dead Ringer (1st app (?): Diners' Club, 3/65)
      (reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 10/66)
    • KIDNAPING DEPT. -- The Broken T (1st app: This Week, Nv/3/63 as "Mystery in Neon Red")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 5/66)
    • MURDER DEPT. -- Half a Clue (1st app: This Week, Ag/24/63 as "Half a Clue to Murder")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 8/66)
    • ANONYMOUS LETTERS DEPT. -- Eve of the Wedding (1st app: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 8/55, as "Bride in Danger")
    • PROBATE DEPT. -- Last Man to Die (1st app: This Week, Nv/3/63 ??)
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 1/67)
    • CRIME SYNDICATE DEPT. -- Payoff (1st app: Cavalier, 8/64 as "Crime Syndicate Payoff")
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 7/66)
    • The Little Spy (1st app: Cavalier, 1/65)
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 9/66)
    • The President Regrets (1st app: Diner's Club, 9/65)
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 7/67)
    • Abraham Lincoln's Clue (1st app: MD: the Medical Newsmagazine, 6/65)
      (reprinted: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 3/67)

The Tragedy of Errors: the Lost Stories of Ellery Queen
First Appearance: October, 1999; Crippen & Landru
First Paperback Appearance: October, 1999; Crippen & Landru
It is well known that when Manfred Lee died in April, 1971, Fred Dannay had already worked out what was to be the plot to their "next" novel. In Royal Bloodline Francis Nevins, Jr., records, "Fred Dannay has announced that he will carry on with Ellery Queen and has told me that most of the plot outline of Ellery's next case had been worked out prior to Lee's death. But his own poor health, his full time editorial and anthological duties, and the death of his own wife in the summer of 1972, have resulted in a long delay between novels. How much longer only time will tell."

In 1999, on the 70th anniversary of the release of The Roman Hat Mystery, the plot outline for The Tragedy of Errors was finally released. In addition, the volume also contains various memories and analyses of EQ made by other mystery authors, family and friends, and critics. A section on Ellery Queen in comic books is included for the first time. Finally, the six EQ short stories that had so far been uncollected were gathered together for this volume.

Short Story Contents:

  • Terror Town (from Argosy, 8/56; also called "The Motive" in EQMM)
  • Uncle from Australia (from Diner's Club, 6/65 and EQMM 11/67)
  • The Three Students (from Playboy, March 1971)
  • The Odd Man (from Playboy, June 1971)
  • The Honest Swindler (from The Saturday Evening Post, Summer/71)
  • The Reindeer Clue (from The National Enquirer, 12/23/75

Note: "The Reindeer Clue" was written by Edward D. Hoch, in the style of Ellery Queen and under the direction of Frederic Dannay. It is the only story featuring the Ellery Queen character which was not written by Dannay and/or Lee.

The Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries
First Appearance: July, 2005; Crippen & Landru
First Paperback Appearance: July, 2005; Crippen & Landru
After succeeding with The Tragedy of Errors, Crippen & Landru went to work culling through hundreds of "radio mysteries" from the old EQ show. Production scripts were compared to the actual performances, and the results were released in this (first?) volume. An effort was made to reproduce here scripts that were worked on by Dannay and Lee, and those which fit in with EQ's traditional themes. Most were unreleased in printed form before this book came out.


  • Adventure of the Last Man Club (formerly released as a Better Little Book)
  • Adventure of Napoleon's Razor
  • Adventure of the Bad Boy
  • Adventure of the March of Death
  • Adventure of the Haunted Cave
  • Adventure of the Lost Child
  • Adventure of the Black Secret
  • Adventure of the Dying Scarecrow
  • Adventure of the Woman in Black
  • Adventure of the Forgotten Men
  • Adventure of the Man Who Could Double the Size of Diamonds (from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 5/43)
  • Adventure of the Dark Cloud
  • Adventure of Mr. Short and Mr. Long
  • Adventure of the Murdered Moths

Uncollected Short Stories

As of 2008, the only short stories (apart from the first two listed below) which were never compiled into a corpus are mainly the radio script adaptations and "true crime" stories. The radio scripts and two straggling stories include:

American Weekly True Crime Stories

The "true crime" stories first published in American Weekly but never reprinted include the following. As with the ones published in the two collections (above), these stories were written especially for the magazine and allegedly were taken from genuine police cases.

  • The Death of a Don Juan (1st app: Se/14/52)
  • The Taylor Case: The Murder Hollywood Can't Forget (1st app: Oc/26/52)
  • The Grammer Case (1st app: Se/13/53)
  • The Lake Palourde Case (1st app: Oc/11/53)
  • Terror in Texas (1st app: Nv/08/53)
  • The Lethal Lady (1st app: Fe/07/54)
  • Mrs. Holmes Solves a Murder (1st app: Mr/07/54)
From this point on (until indicated otherwise), many of the writings were made for the collection that became the International Case Book and are associated with different places around the world. At the time, these were referred to as the "International Crime File." The stories shown below are not known to have been reprinted.

  • ITALY: The Black Swan Murder Case (1st app: Jl/25/54)
  • EASTERN INDIA: The Love Slaves of Orissa (1st app: Se/19/54)
  • Mystery of the Crambling Road (1st app: Oc/03/54)
  • CANADA: Murderin' Lovers Lane (1st app: Oc/24/54)
  • SCOTLAND: The Two-Way Clue (1st app: Oc/31/54)
  • KOREA: Murder at the Tea Party (1st app: Nv/07/54)
  • Dream Cottage Murder (1st app: Nv/14/54)
From this point, the writings were made for the collection called Crimes of Passion.

  • The Taxi Dancer and the Homesick Highlander (1st app: Nv/04/56)
  • Murder After Forty (1st app: Nv/11/56)
  • The Terrible Avenger of Karos Island (1st app: Nv/18/56)
  • The Persistent Killer (1st app: Nv/25/56)
  • The Girl Who Went Too Far (1st app: De/02/56)
  • The Trail of Broken Hearts (1st app: De/09/56)
  • Murder Over Mount Torment (1st app: De/16/56)
  • The Wife Who Wouldn't Let Go (1st app: Ja/06/57)
  • 4 Short-Cuts to Love (1st app: Ja/13/57)
  • The Body in the Trunk (1st app: Ja/20/57)
  • Why These Boys Killed Their Father (1st app: Ja/27/57)
  • The Strange Case of "Napoleon" Caproni (1st app: Fe/03/57)
  • 10 Graves for the Pretty Widow (1st app: Fe/10/57)
  • The Tennis Racket Murder (1st app: Fe/17/57)
  • The Diabolical Lover (1st app: Fe/24/57)
  • The Strange Case of the Mad Sculptor (1st app: Mr/10/57)
  • The Friendly Killers (1st app: Mr/24/57)
  • The Girl Who Had Never Been Kissed (1st app: Mr/31/57)
  • The Murder in the Underground (1st app: Ap/07/57)
  • Sense of Guilt (1st app: Ap/14/57)
  • Love at Second Sight (1st app: Ap/28/57)
  • The Girl Who Wouldn't Go Steady (1st app: My/05/57)
  • 'Till Death Did Them Part (1st app: My/12/57)
  • Who Blew Up Mr. Smith? (1st app: My/19/57)
  • Death of a Playboy (1st app: My/26/57)
  • Love in the Death House (1st app: Jn/02/57)
  • The Clue of the Missing Hands (1st app: Nv/24/57)
Beginning in February, 1958, the collection called The Woman in the Case appeared in serial form. These are identified in the collection of the same name.

Later in 1958, the following stories were written for the collection called Masterpieces of Crime Detection. In order to complete The Woman in the Case, some stories that were part of the "Crime Detection" serial were used in the book.

  • Two Routes to Murder (1st app: Oc/26/58)
  • Murder in the Cabbage Patch (1st app: Nv/02/58)
  • The Clue of the Naughty Word (1st app: Nv/09/58)
  • The Body in the Bathtub (1st app: Nv/16/58)
  • title not known (1st app: Nv/23/58)
  • Double Jeopardy (1st app: Nv/30/58)
  • The Clue of the Foxtail Grass (1st app: De/07/58
  • The Clue of the Shattered Watch (1st app: De/14/58
  • The Hunt for the Phantom Gunman (1st app: Ja/04/59)
  • The Baby-Sitter Murder (1st app: Ja/11/59)
  • Murder -- With 18,000 Suspects (1st app: Fe/08/59)
  • Murder by Proxy (1st app: Mr/08/59)
  • The Red Herring Murder (1st app: Mr/15/59)
  • The Firebug Murders (1st app: Ap/12/59)
  • The Clue in the Wallet (1st app: Ap/26/59)
In 1959, Ellery ended his regular association with American Weekly. It is hoped that one day the above stories will be reprinted, together with their original artwork.

Other Non-Fiction Stories

As with the stories published in American Weekly, from time to time EQ wrote the occasional story about a real life mystery or about real life detectives.

Family Weekly

At least two stories ran in Family Weekly magazine.
  • "Will the Oakes Murder Ever Be Solved?" appeared in the November 1, 1959, issue.
    This one was about Sir Harry Oakes, who was beat to death with a blunt instrument in 1943.
  • "Who Killed The Man Everyone Hated?" is from the June 11, 1961, issue.
    This story was about speculator Serge Rubenstein. Oddly enough, former EQ portrayer William Gargan had appeared in a docu-drama about Rubenstein back in 1955.

Official Detective Stories

At least two stories ran in this magazine, too.


Argosy magazine ran several short stories by Ellery Queen. At least one "true crime" story also appeared in that publication.

  • "A Specialist in Skulls" can be found in the March, 1963, issue.
    It deals with forensic science.

Man's Magazine

At least three "true crime" stories were published in this magazine and likely never reprinted. Man's magazine also offered a condensed version of Why So Dead? in the November, 1966, issue.

It is not known how many other such stories there might be, but few if any have ever been reprinted.

Ellery Queen

All book liner notes are taken from hardback notes or from paperback notes published by Pocket Books, Dell, Signet, or another publisher.
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