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Read about the Vee Jay and Swan Records releases:

The Beatles Before Capitol
Vee Jay and Swan Counterfeits

Articles About Song Variations:

Differences between songs on US/Canadian records and those outside the US/Canada.
Differences between songs on British records and those outside the UK.
Differences between standard mixes and the Yellow Submarine Songtrack

Capitol, UA, and MoFi releases:

The Capitol Albums

Beatles US Picture Sleeves

Capitol Records Inner Sleeves (1950's-1967)

Capitol Records Cover Numbers

The Hard Day's Night LP, released by United Artists

Beatles releases by Mobile Fidelity

The Beatles on Tape and Pocket Disc

Beatles Reel-to-Reel Tapes

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Beatles Eight-Track Tapes

Beatles Cassettes

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Beatles Pocket Disks

Other American Releases:

Record Company Labelographies

Annotated Discographies (with Pictures)

Original Pressings from 1961-1972

British releases (1962-1970)

Argentine releases

Australian Releases (1963-1971)

Brazilian Releases (1964-1972)

Canadian Releases

Also visit Piers Hemmingsen's site
Chilean Releases

Danish Releases (1963-1972)

Finnish Releases

French Releases (1962-1971)

German Releases

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Holland Releases

Indian Releases

Also visit this comprehensive listing of Beatles 78's.
Italian Releases (1963-1972)

Japanese Releases

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Venezuelan Releases

Other Articles

Apple Records US Discographies
Apple Singles US Apple Singles
Apple LP's US Apple LP's
Discographies of Their Solo Careers
The Smart Beatle
The Cute Beatle
The Quiet Beatle
The Beatles in Stereo

Suppose the White Album were one LP?
Identifying photos in Nicolas Schaffner's Beatles Forever
Led Zeppelin US Discography, through 1982 -- NEW!

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Articles at Other Sites

I have been collecting Beatles song variations since 1980. When I started collecting, the only publication on the subject was the original Every Little Thing, by Mitch McGeary, who has been a pioneer in the variations-collecting field.
Not long afterward, Jeff Russell's Beatles on Record appeared in mass market, drawing more attention to the fact that there were often several mixes of various songs out there.
The 80's saw a few more attempts, followed by a radical expansion of McGeary's ELT,which still remains the best book on the subject.
Following the publication of Mark Lewisohn's Beatles Recording Sessions in 1988 -- a book which did not attempt to explain recording variations -- Joe Brennan began the task of explaining the variants using Lewisohn's day-by-day organization as a guide. Joe Brennan's work on their collective career can only be considered stupendous, the pinnacle to-date of variations guides, and the first to be entirely published on the Internet. I assisted Joe in his monumental task.
Check out his Variations Guide on the Web! Also read theIntroduction to the work.

Other Links

Visit Mitch McGeary's excellent "Songs, Pictures, and Stories" website, with up-to-date information about all kinds of Beatles topics, including some tidbits you won't find anywhere else!

I also assist noted author Bruce Spizer in the compilation of information for his landmark series of books on North American Beatles records. He and I have just completed a new book about British records! Check out his site here.

Check out Julian Lennon's latest endeavors!

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